Our Team

Our management team

The management team of TBshop is composed of experienced, professional, and innovative individuals with an international perspective and excellent leadership skills. They emphasize teamwork and communication and are committed to creating a positive, dynamic, and innovative work environment. Our management team constantly explores and practices to pursue outstanding performance and higher goals. We believe that the management team of TBshop will provide comprehensive support and guidance for the company's development, leading TBshop to innovate and develop in the African e-commerce market.

The following is an introduction to the management team of TBshop:

CEO: Khalid

Khalid graduated from Columbia University in the United States. He has held executive positions in several well-known e-commerce companies and made outstanding contributions to business development and brand building. These achievements fully demonstrate Khalid's strength and experience as an e-commerce industry expert, laying a solid foundation for the construction of TBshop's global e-commerce platform. As the CEO of TBshop, Khalid is committed to creating a more convenient, high-quality, and efficient global e-commerce platform, improving the company's global competitiveness and user experience.


CFO: Abu Bakr

Abu Bakr is a graduate of Harvard Business School with extensive experience in financial management and team management. As the CFO of TBshop, he is committed to optimizing the company's financial management system and providing solid support for the company's steady development by improving financial efficiency and risk control capabilities.

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CTO: Mansur

Mansur is a technology professional with a degree from Stanford University and extensive experience in technology research and development. He has held executive positions in several well-known technology companies and made outstanding contributions to the company's technological innovation and product development. As the CTO of TBshop, Mansur and his team have successfully promoted multiple technological innovations and product developments in the past year, including:

Launching an intelligent recommendation system that increased user purchase conversion rates by 20%.

Introducing blockchain technology to improve data security and credibility.

These achievements have not only improved the company's technological competitiveness and user experience but also brought significant commercial value to the company.

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