Company Introduction

TBshop (The Best Shop) International E-commerce Company was founded in 2019 as a new and emerging high-quality, professional e-commerce company in Africa. We specialize in small household appliances, digital electronics, and other products, providing one-stop shopping services and striving to provide global consumers with excellent shopping experiences and unparalleled sales services.


As a leader in cross-border e-commerce platforms, we provide one-stop shopping services, including diversified payment methods and logistics services, order tracking, professional customer service support, and other high-quality services. We focus on customers and constantly explore innovative ways to enhance their shopping experience.


Our mission is to become the world's most influential cross-border e-commerce platform, providing global shopping and sales channels for consumers and merchants, while providing reliable high-quality and efficient services that benefit global consumers and merchants.

——New shopping experience, all at your fingertips!——

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Our vision is to build a global cross-border e-commerce platform through technology and innovation that allows everyone to enjoy global products and services. We are committed to becoming a leading e-commerce platform, constantly promoting the development and progress of the industry, and providing unparalleled shopping and sales experiences for consumers and merchants.


Our core values are innovation, reliability, customer-centricity, and globalization.


Our goal is to become one of the world's most popular cross-border e-commerce platforms, creating more value for consumers and merchants, and promoting the development and progress of the cross-border e-commerce industry.