Our visions


1. Introduce an innovative business model, implement a market reward plan, improve our market competitiveness, and build a huge user data base;

2. Launch omni-channel publicity and promotion to attract online merchants to settle in;

3. Create 100 offline experience stores, combined with online marketing, improve TBshop brand awareness and user stickiness, and provide users with a shopping experience that they want.

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1. Realize 10,000 power bank distribution points, covering multiple cities in Africa, to improve user charging experience;

2. Launch "Double Eleven", "Black Friday", "Cyber Monday" and other large-scale promotional activities to increase sales in the African region;

3. Fund wealth management experts are online, opening wealth management channels for VIP users, and providing diversified investment portfolios and risk control strategies.

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1. Optimize the search and streaming functions in the site, add natural language processing technology, realize a more intelligent search and purchase experience, and provide sellers with a convenient one-click streaming solution;

2. Turn on the function of exchanging power bank points for physical objects to improve user participation and loyalty;

3. Continue to increase the number of power bank placement points and experience stores, improve offline coverage, and provide users with more convenient services.

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