After-sales Service


1、Regarding the issue of automatic receipt in TBshop

1)The system automatically confirms receipt 10 days after pickup (based on pickup time).

2)Conditions for extending receipt: an application must be made within 3 days before the system automatically confirms receipt, and the time can be extended by 3 days.

2、What is the definition of a 7-day no-reason return?

In simple terms, it means that within 7 days from the date of receiving the goods (calculated from the second day after logistics delivery, 168 hours is 7 days), the buyer initiates an application for return or exchange with the seller.

What are the conditions for applying for a 7-day no-reason return?

1)The product to be returned must be within the category of products that support "7-day no-reason return". For example, fresh perishable products and customized products do not support 7-day no-reason return.

2)The buyer initiates the application within 7 days from the date of receiving the goods (calculated from the second day after logistics delivery, 168 hours is 7 days).

3)The buyer's service application complies with relevant laws and regulations.

4)The application amount is limited to the actual purchase price paid by the buyer.

5)The product to be returned must be intact, as follows:

A. The product's outer packaging is intact, and all relevant accessories are complete.

B. The product's surface has no scratches, wear and tear, bumps, or any signs of use or disassembly.

C. (If any) The anti-counterfeiting identification code is not scratched or torn, and (if any) the unique warranty card is not missing or torn.

3、Regarding disputes over postage for "7-day no-reason return"

The principle of who bears the postage for "7-day no-reason return" initiated by the buyer: in case of disputes over shipping costs in the transaction, they will be handled according to the principle of "who is at fault, who bears the cost".

1)If TBshop determines that it is the seller's responsibility (such as quality problems or description inconsistency), the round-trip shipping costs should be borne by the seller.

2)If it is the buyer's responsibility (such as not liking or not being suitable), the buyer should bear the round-trip shipping costs. If the product is a free-shipping item, the buyer only needs to bear the return shipping costs.

3)If there is unclear agreement in the transaction, TBshop cannot determine whose responsibility it is. In this case, the transaction will be handled as a return and refund, and the shipping costs for delivery will be borne by the seller, while the return shipping costs will be borne by the buyer.

4、Information on evaluation-related rules

A. The system automatically confirms receipt in 10 days.

B. Evaluation can be made within 30 days.

C. Follow-up evaluation can be made within 90 days.

D. Refund can be applied within 30 days.

E. After-sales service can be applied within 90 days (special orders may be an exception).

1)Transaction evaluation:

Both buyers and sellers have the right to evaluate each other based on real transactions within 15 days after the transaction is successfully paid through Alipay.

2)Additional evaluation:

Within 180 days (including) from the date of successful transaction, the buyer can add comments after making a credit evaluation. The content of the additional comments cannot be modified and does not affect the seller's credit score.

3)Explanation of evaluation:

The person being evaluated can explain within 30 days from the time when the evaluator makes comments and/or follow-up comments.

4)Evaluation modification:

Within 30 days after making a neutral or negative evaluation, the evaluator can modify or delete the credit evaluation. The evaluation cannot be modified after 30 days.

5、Key points about after-sales

1)What situations are not applicable for the 7-day no reason return policy?

Referring to the "Goods Integrity Definition", if the goods violate any of the three provisions mentioned below, they are not applicable. However, disputes over postage for the "Seven-day No Reason Return" can be resolved through negotiation, as mentioned in the third point above.

A. The outer packaging of the product is intact, and the relevant accessories are complete;

B. The product surface has no scratches, wear and tear, bumps, usage or disassembly marks;

C. (If any) the anti-counterfeiting identification code is not scratched or torn, and the unique three-guarantee card cannot be missing or torn.

2)During the period of applying for return or exchange, if there is a quality problem with the product itself, the buyer can request a return or exchange according to their needs, and the company supports the following solutions:

A. If the cost price is much lower than the shipping cost (the product does not need to be returned), a new product can be sent;

B. Apply for partial cash back/partial refund; if you verify that you need to apply for a good review cash back, you must clearly indicate in the remarks that the refund amount = payable amount - cash back amount.

3)During the after-sales period, only solutions for quality problems are applicable:

A. Only exchange/repair is supported;

B. If the cost price is much lower than the shipping cost (the product does not need to be returned), a new product can be sent;

C. Negotiate with the buyer to return some cash as compensation.

6、After-sales solutions for completed orders

take watch straps, protective cases, and tempered films as examples, but this can also apply to other products such as shoes, toys, 3C products, etc. This is to broaden everyone's processing thinking, and the specifics can be applied to your own company's products.

1)After-sales problems with watch straps are divided into: strap breakage, not fastening, color fading, and grain dropping.

Strap breakage:

If a quality problem occurs within seven days, the customer can be directly returned or exchanged, and the shipping cost will be borne by the company. Within one month, it can be repaired (the buyer needs to bear 5% of the repair cost; if it cannot be repaired, it needs to be replaced). Within three months, it can be repaired (the buyer needs to bear 10%-20% of the repair cost). After three months, no after-sales processing will be done through negotiation.

Not fastening, color fading, grain dropping: When encountering the above problems, first verify the order information and check whether it is within the processing period. Secondly, ask the customer to take photos or record videos to preliminarily verify whether it is a quality problem. If it is confirmed as a quality problem, handle it according to the return or exchange time. If it cannot be judged at that time, please inform the customer and advance the shipping cost for them to return the product. When received, the warehouse inspector will inspect it. If it is confirmed as a product problem, the shipping cost can be borne for return or exchange. If it is caused by the customer, the shipping cost will not be borne (but still needs to be processed according to the return or exchange time). For example, if a sports watch strap has color fading quality problems within three months and cannot be repaired, you can negotiate with the buyer to bear shipping cost for resending.

2)After-sales issues for protective cases are divided into: scratches, color differences, and failure to sleep.

For scratches and color differences: customers are required to take photos for verification. If the scratches are obvious or the color difference is within an acceptable range for the buyer, a small amount of cash rebate can be negotiated with the buyer (the specific amount needs to be determined based on the sales price and cost price). If the buyer does not accept the rebate, support for returns or exchanges is available (buyers who return items due to color differences need to bear the return shipping cost) or a refund can be issued directly (for promotional products priced at $1 or less). For failure to sleep issues, a video needs to be recorded for verification. If it is confirmed that there is a failure to sleep or a reverse sleep mode, the item can be returned or exchanged at the seller's expense, or a replacement can be sent directly (depending on the sales amount).

3)Quality issues with tempered glass screen protectors:

Damage: customers should first take photos for verification. If damage is confirmed, the seller should agree to replace the item. Buyers need to be informed before purchasing that tempered glass screen protectors are fragile products and they must check if the product is intact before signing for it. If there is damage, they should immediately take photos, refuse delivery, and contact customer service for a replacement (customer service needs to contact the corresponding courier for compensation; if the customer confirms receipt of the item, no compensation will be given and the replacement will need to bear the shipping cost).

4)Missing free gifts:

A. Offer a $3 rebate to buyers who agree to leave a positive review.

B. If buyers do not agree to the rebate, they need to bear the shipping cost for a replacement.

C. Buyers need to be informed of any free gifts before purchasing.

5)After-sales issues caused by human factors or improper use:

Watch straps:

If the watch strap breaks due to tearing or rust caused by water immersion, it will not be covered under after-sales service.

If the watch strap fades due to improper use, it will not be covered under after-sales service.

Protective cases:

Scratches caused by improper use will not be covered under after-sales service (this applies to scratches reported more than 7 days after receiving the item).

7、Rebates and invoices

1)Rebates: When there is a price difference or offline refund, customer service should register it after the customer confirms receipt of the item. It should not be registered before the transaction is completed to avoid double refunds and losses.

2)Invoices: If a customer requests an invoice, it must be provided after they confirm receipt of the item. The invoice number should be recorded and sent out accordingly.

8、Returns and refunds

1)Returns and refunds: Except for customers who are indecisive or report quality issues, customer service should call and resolve any negative situations related to the product. Solutions may include compensation, shipping fees, and replacements.

2)Exchanges: If a customer requests an exchange, they must return the item for a refund and purchase the replacement separately to expedite processing time. If a customer is indecisive, they can purchase shipping insurance as an example. Customers should be informed that exchange waiting times are short and they do not need to wait for receipt of their returned item.

Quality issues such as stains and black spots can be compensated appropriately if they do not affect use. If there is cracking or breakage within 7 days, an exchange can be arranged. Please note that severe quality issues such as cracking or breakage can be resolved through returns and exchanges without requesting compensation.