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Amazon launches new logistics tracking service, further upgrading seller delivery efficiency.

1、Service Upgrade

As we all know, multi-channel delivery is a service that Amazon has introduced a long time ago, which not only reduces seller costs but also offers greater convenience and reliability. However, the logistics tracking of this service has always been a focus. In order to help sellers better use the multi-channel delivery service, Amazon has upgraded its logistics service again.

Recently, Amazon Europe announced that it will launch the Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment service to provide buyers with fast, reliable transportation, effective tracking options.

Multi-channel delivery provides four different options to track packages: on the order management page in the seller center; through AfterShip for tracking integration on popular channels; through the GetPackageTrackingDetails API, which provides all tracking IDs in multi-channel delivery orders; directly on, buyers can directly search for the logistics of the package and confirm receipt by clicking on the email after receiving it.

The main reason that prompted Amazon to launch this service is consumer feedback. In a previous survey, 73% of buyers said that transportation has a significant impact on their purchasing decisions.

With the continuous development and progress of e-commerce business, more convenient multi-channel delivery has become a very popular order delivery method. In this delivery model, sellers can ship goods to consumers through different channels. At the same time, it is even more important to establish an effective tracking and communication system to inform customers of the progress of their orders and delivery status in a timely manner.

It is worth mentioning that Amazon has opened a robot delivery center in Windsor, Connecticut, which has been processing and delivering customer orders since November last year. It has thousands of robot systems to help employees deliver goods to consumers every day.

Overall, whether it is using multi-channel delivery, multiple options to track package delivery status, or opening a robot delivery center, the platform is improving the shopping experience for consumers.

2、Logistics Empowerment

As an essential component of e-commerce, the importance of logistics is self-evident. In addition to Amazon, other e-commerce platforms are also beginning to empower the logistics field.

Taking MercadoLibre as an example, it was reported recently that MercadoLibre will invest $1.6 billion in Mexico, a large portion of which will be used for logistics networks, including building more warehouses and improving last-mile delivery capabilities.

In fact, MercadoLibre already operates 400,000 square meters of warehouses and 70 last-mile stations in Mexico, but through this investment, it is very likely to achieve faster development in Mexico in 2023.

As a second-hand trading platform, many sellers on eBay sell lightweight collectibles such as trading cards, stamps, coins, currency, or comic books. The shipping cost for tracking services for these items is usually high.

To solve this problem, eBay has partnered with Canada Post to launch a Canadian domestic shipping service called "Canada Post Expedited Lite for Collectibles" for collectibles weighing less than 200 grams. This service has all the advantages and services of the Expedited Parcel TM service but at a much lower cost.

This service is available to sellers in any region of Canada. Sellers only need to purchase and print orders through eBay shipping labels, and the tracking number will be automatically uploaded to the order page, making it very convenient and worry-free.

In short, Amazon's service upgrade not only provides sellers with more convenient logistics services, but also provides consumers with faster and more reliable logistics experience. While improving the sales performance of sellers, it also enhances consumers' loyalty to the Amazon platform.