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About Us
TBshop (The Best Shop) International E-commerce Company was founded in 2019 as a new and emerging high-quality, professional e-commerce company in Africa. We specialize in small household appliances,...
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Q2 2023

Introduce an innovative business model, implement a market reward plan, improve our market competitiveness, and build a huge user data base;

Q3 2023

Realize 10,000 power bank distribution points, covering multiple cities in Africa, to improve user charging experience;

Q4 2023

Optimize the search and streaming functions in the site, add natural language processing technology, realize a more intelligent search and purchase experience, and provide sellers with a convenient one-click streaming solution;


In the next three years, we plan to gradually increase the market share to 30%; complete the goal of at least 5,000 merchants; we will continue to optimize and expand our product lines, including small appliances, electrical appliances, clothing, household items, beauty and skin care, etc.